Visual Studio Code

Multiple git repositories in one workspace

By default Visual Studio can handle multiple git repositories in one workspace. But if the repositories are in subdirectories this will only work after a small fix.


Symfony: Only allow certain user roles to log in

With a simple configuration setting you can allow only cetain user roles to log in on your page without doing this check by yourself.


FreeBSD: Set keyboard layout

By default the keyboard layout in FreeBSD is set to match the English keyboard. To change that, there are several possibilities to adjust the current keyboard layout.


Symfony: Create a simple JWT based API

In this post I describe a simple way of generating a simple JWT based API only with the help of the default symfony tools. Ok, two exception – I will use doctrine/dbal to access the database and a JWT library to generate and validate the JWT. At the end you will have a login endpoint where you send your credentials to. From there you will get back a JWT token you can use for the following requests to the API.


Accelerate symfony app development on Windows 10

Running symfony apps on Windows 10 could be a real pain because it is extremely slow. To solve this issue you can run your symfony app on WSL 2. Like written above symfony apps are extremely slow when you try to run then on a Windows 10 system. Especially when you run them in the dev environment while development. It doesn’t matter how fast your system is. Loading times for one simple single request could be easily around one till 20 seconds.


FreeBSD: Switch from portsnap to git to update ports

When the FreeBSD project switched to git for the ports development I had several days the problem that portsnap didn’t allow me to update the ports tree. I searched for a solution to get an up-to-date portstree. One solution would be to use the git repository directly. How I used portsnap to update the ports tree regularly Every night at 3:00 I ran a cronjob which fetches the current snapshot of the port tree.